Public Government Salaries
Last Name:
Name Employer Job Title Salary
Kilgore, Tom TVA President and Chief Executive Officer $3,008,279.00
Mccollum Jr, William R TVA Chief Operating Officer $1,834,905.00
Greene, Kimberly S TVA Group President, Strat & Ext Rel $1,733,824.00
Swafford, Preston D TVA Executive Vice President & CNO, Nuclear Generation $1,374,935.00
Thomas Iii, John Madison TVA Chief Financial Officer $1,329,481.00
Bhatnagar, Ashok S TVA Senior Vice President, Nuclear Gen Dev & Const $1,020,086.00
Campbell, William R TVA Senior Vice President, Ops Spt & Fleet Gov $1,015,154.00
Jernigan, Donald Eugene TVA Senior Vice President, Nuclear Operations $929,506.00
Manning, Robin Edwin TVA Executive Vice President, Power System Operations $809,186.00
Rodgers, Ralph E TVA General Counsel $796,287.00
Polson, Keith J TVA Vice President, BFN Nuclear Site $788,085.00
Knott-Craig, Christopher J University of Tennessee System Professor $781,250.00
Skaggs, Michael David TVA Senior Vice President, Nuclear Gen Dev & Const $780,300.00
Herrin, Janet C TVA Executive Vice President, People & Performance $756,811.00
Wardlaw, Van M TVA Executive Vice President, Customer Relations $699,286.00
Salary and payroll information is from public records received from city, county and federal agencies from fiscal 2009-10. Erlanger Health System salaries reflect current pay levels in fiscal 2010-11. Some agencies provided salary data at an hourly rate. In those cases, the Times Free Press calculated the rate at full-time, 12-month annual levels. However, some agencies did not provide information on which employees work full time for 12 months. The salary figures may not account for pay raises, employee turnover, part-time workers or overtime pay.

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