Chattanooga City Shootings 2017

*Bolded address are Homicides.

506 E. 8th Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
1800 North Chamberlain Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2100 Windsor Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
5300 Lee Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
4700 Rogers Road, Chattanooga TN (select)
800 W. 14th Street Court, Chattanooga TN (select)
1100 Arlington Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2400 Glass Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
1900 South Watkins Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
2600 E. 41st Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
2200 E. 26th Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
2000 Duncan Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee (select)
1800 South Lyerly Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee (select)
2100 E. 3rd Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee (select)
2100 E. 12th Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee (select)
900 Dodson Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee (select)
5730 Lee Highway, Chattanooga TN (select)
2500 Judson Lane, Chattanooga TN (select)
*Not all shootings are listed above. Those missing did not have sufficient info to be marked on the map.
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