33 new Mugshots from Hamilton County
68797 total Bookings* | Arrestees are innocent until proven guilty
Amber Nicole Wright
Maureen Dixon Williams
Kimberly Smith Williams
Jessica Odair Wigley
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*The information presented here as a public service is gathered from open county sheriff's web sites in the Chattanooga area. The booking mug shots and related information are from arrest records in the order and at the time the data was collected. The people shown on this page have not been convicted of these crimes and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. If charges are dismissed or reduced or the accused is found not guilty, people listed here can contact the Times Free Press at news@timesfreepress.com and provide us with documentation. Your name and mug shot then will be removed from this site in 3-5 business days. Booking info is since 09/01/2010.
Chattanooga City Shootings 2014

*Bolded address are Homicides.

2510 E. Main Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
1909 Foust Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
37 Scruggs Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
900 block of N. Willow Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
7766 Basswood Drive, Chattanooga TN (select)
3704 West Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2000 block of Bennett Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
1607 Diamond Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
2013 Maple Hills Way, Chattanooga TN (select)
1123 Hooker Road, Chattanooga TN (select)
5610 Pinelawn Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2000 block of Central Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
250 W. 25th Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
105 Arlington Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
1500 Holtzclaw Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2115 E. 12th Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
3700 North Terrace, Chattanooga TN (select)
330 W. 35th Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
100 W. 41st Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
1334 Hixson Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2753 Sixth Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
2304 Windsor Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
Rossville Boulevard, Chattanooga TN (select)
1501 E. 50th Street, Chattanooga TN (select)
5206 Central Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
4806 13th Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2309 Benton Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2525 Desales Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
2800 Dodds Avenue, Chattanooga TN (select)
*Not all shootings are listed above. Those missing did not have sufficient info to be marked on the map.
Top Salaries of Local Government Employees
Kilgore, Tom
Mccollum Jr, William R
Greene, Kimberly S
Swafford, Preston D
Thomas Iii, John Madison
Bhatnagar, Ashok S
Campbell, William R
Jernigan, Donald Eugene
Manning, Robin Edwin
Rodgers, Ralph E
Polson, Keith J
Knott-Craig, Christopher J
University of Tennessee System
Skaggs, Michael David
Herrin, Janet C
Wardlaw, Van M
Fisher, Robert John
West, Russell G
Grissette, Don Edwin

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*Some agencies provided salary data at an hourly rate. In those cases, the Times Free Press calculated the rate at full-time, 12-month annual levels. However, some agencies did not provide information on which employees work full time for 12 months. The salary figures may not account for pay raises, employee turnover, part-time workers or overtime pay.
Access to state and local public records
Tennessee Coalition for Open Government
TCOGThe Tennessee Coalition for Open Government offers help in making a public records requests. Its website includes a sample request, as well as other information on open records, exemptions and fees.

Citizens have a right to see and photocopy documents and records of government agencies, unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure under the law. A request to inspect or copy records may be made either orally or in writing. For purposes of documenting and clarifying the scope and timing of the request, it is a better practice to make the request in writing. An Open Records Request should be made directly to the custodian of the records that are sought.

If a government agency or officials withhold a public document from public inspection, they must cite the provision of law that exempts the record from being produced.

* The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press offers help to file a records request from local agencies.

Tennessee's Public Records Law provides that government documents shall at all times, during business hours, be open for personal inspection by any citizen of Tennessee, and those in charge of such records shall not refuse such right of inspection to any citizen, unless otherwise provided by state law. Tennessee has more than 200 exemptions to its open records laws, however.

* Find out how to get records and make a request in Tennessee:

* Requests from the city of Chattanooga may be filed at:
MayorsOffice_ TennesseeOpenRecordsRequest.htm

Under Georgia law, public record includes all documents, papers, letters, maps, books, tapes, photographs, computer based or generated information, or similar material prepared and maintained or received in the course of the operation of a public office or agency. It does not include any computer program or computer software used or maintained by a public office or agency, however.

* Find out more about how to request Georgia records at:
Sample federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letter
Here is a sample federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) letter to use in obtaining public documents. Just fill in the information below and print it out. Submit it to the federal government agency from which you are seeking public records. (Sample Letter)
Sample State Public Records Letter
Here is a sample letter to use in obtaining public documents from local and state agencies. Just fill in the information below and print it out. Submit it to the government agency from which you are seeking public records.(Sample Letter)
State agency links
Contact Your Legislator
Federal Inspector General
Federal agencies
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides that any person has the right of access to federal agency records or information. The law requires that the government ( not the public) substantiate why information may not be released.

The federal FOIA does not provide access to records held by the judiciary or Congress and includes nine major areas of exemption.

* A sample letter to request information from federal agencies is available at:

* Find out more about FOIA requests at:
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